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Debe presentar y aprobar un nuevo examen teórico práctico específico para la categoría solicitada. Presentar certificado de aptitud en conducción otorgado por el centro respectivo.
El trámite aun vez aceptada la documentación no debe ser superior a 72 horas.

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    Carey - Owen about injury of varese, said it happened out how knight players want to play games."I was about to enter a 5 on 5 game, but after three seconds, varese is injured
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    "I don't think eastern conference finals will be a long war, knight's strength is too strong. The celtics nobody with lebron, they even Owen this level of star all have no, they are really no one can stop the knight.
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    With three points to beat John wall, the day before yesterday the wizards will competition into the tiebreak wars, 8:00 tomorrow the wizards will be tie-break at Celtic and rival.
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    For Jordan and gregg popovich comments James never hit back, but just yesterday in the knight's basketball stadium set aside a James training video, far look like illusions emerged both Owen, a carefully look just know is James
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    Recently, the Fansided to knight main rotation player in the first two rounds of the playoffs, the performance of the Owen only C +, love there is only a B.
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    The NBA playoffs now for today, have determined the warriors in the western conference and will compete for a spot in the finals quota, knight still don't know who his opponent was.However, even in the face of the celtics or the wizards, presumably knight will be
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    NBA players in addition to playing badly, and also an art cells, for two consecutive years in the NBA finals two teams join forces with the warriors and knight, but only two dancers, two teams played neck and neck, dancing is close, take a look at
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    Obviously, the right to occupy a team-high 21.6 shots of Michael Owen, but failed to hit as James scores, this let a person feel, Owen has become a "cancer" of the knight.But many fans also feel,
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    According to The Fear of The Sword, The knight's point guard deron Williams is a fan of MMA (mixed), compared to The basketball game, deron prefer to watch The ultimate fighting championship.Deron Williams recently said in an interview, he retired from the NBA
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