While the crane is normally associated with heavy industry, there are times when a homeowner might need to move something heavy, and while there are many types of crane, the mobile hydraulic crane can handle most jobs.

Here are a few scenarios when you might require a crane:

  1. Mature Tree Removal – A large tree can weigh as much as 200 tons and removing such a tree in a residential area certainly requires a crane. Once the out branches have been removed, the crane would be positioned to take the weight if larger sections as they are cut from the top. The tree surgeon would have a team on the ground, and the crane driver would manoeuvre the hook to precise positions for the tree surgeon to attach ropes, then gently lowering the timber sections onto a flat-bed truck.
  2. Modular Home – If, for example, you designed an old sea container into an office, the finished unit would be delivered and lowered into place by a large mobile crane. Attaching 4 hooks to the corners, the container can be lifted evenly and gently lowered onto the prepared concrete base. When looking at crane hire in Perth, it is not uncommon for a container home to be put into place with a mobile crane, even if the odd tree needs to be removed.
  3. Boat Building – We’ve all heard about the man who spent 20 years building a boat in his backyard, only to find he couldn’t get it out! Prior to starting the project, you must know the gross weight and the dimensions, then you can discover whether a crane can be used to lift the boat onto a low-loader. The same goes for a car restoration project that is in the confines of the back garden, although it might be easier to remove a section or two of the garden fence/wall and drive the car out.

Sometimes a crane is used to lift a restored car over a garden wall, and if you ever find yourself in need of a heavy lift, a Google search will put you in touch with a crane hire firm. The crane hire company would have heavy lift experts who know their stuff, plus they are fully insured, should anything go wrong, and once an engineer visits the site, he will know what type of lift is required and can quote for the project.