Australia has been called ‘The lucky country’ and when one takes note of the scenic wonders of the country the name seems entirely apt. It is filled to the brim with Mother nature’s bounty. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It has the wonderful rainforests of the Top end, nourished by monsoon rains, a seemingly unending coastline with incredible unspoiled beaches, one of the seven Wonders of the natural world in the form of the Great Barrier Reef and the arid and heartstoppingly beautiful vistas of the Outback. tourists find incredible resort hotels, great bed and breakfast establishments – and some world-class camping and caravaning sites.

But for those who really want to get off the highways of Australia and get under the skin of the more remote scenic splendours of the country, there can be very few experiences that can match the adventure and freedom of off-road caravaning.

However, in days past enjoying off-road caravaning meant giving up those little luxuries that can make exploring such a pleasure. Off-road caravans were built tough – and capable of taking everything that Mother nature could throw at them – but they may have been lacking in modern conveniences. But those days are past, thanks to the off-road caravans manufactured by companies like Retreat Caravans. 

Cutting Edge Technology

Retreat Caravans, a family-owned company that has over 15 years of experience has become a market leader in the design of caravans that push the edge of what is possible in off-road caravanning technology. Take for instance the ERV, an all-electric off-road caravan that is a world first. No more worrying about refilling gas cylinders in the vast trackless interior of the Outback, this caravan is entirely solar powered. For those who want a sustainable solution to an off-road adventure, this caravan ticks all the right boxes. The only limit is the far horizon. 

The Tough Luxury Option

Retreat Caravans have a full range of off-road caravans that will suit the needs of anyone who has ever wondered what lies off the beaten track. With models such as the Whitsunday, the Daydream, and the Fraser this is a company that continues to push the limits of what is possible when an organization and a dedicated team of experts focus on combining luxury and rugged design. 

The range of off-road caravans has something for everyone. With modern conveniences such as microwaves, top loading washing machines, induction cookers, premium audio systems, pillow top mattresses, stylish fittings, laminate countertops, and mini grills each and every customer will find the model that suits their lifestyle and sense of style. Add roof-mounted flood lights, external TV hatches on some models, and sway control to ensure that the journey is as comfortable on the road and off – and you may never want to return home.

Find the model that will make your dreams of off-road adventure a reality by visiting the Retreat Caravan virtual showroom at – begin your journey on the road less travelled.