When safe road driving of the car is your concern, besides efficient and timely servicing, your car requires proper inflation in car tyres. Many surveys conducted on safe driving on highways and other roads reveal that a good number of accidents take place because of improper air pressure in your car tyres.

Accordingly, car users must understand and realize the importance of maintaining optimum tyre pressure that is one of the main security features while traveling on road.

Why maintain optimal tyre pressure?

While referring to traveling on road, you need to care for two foremost elements of your vehicle good quality of fuel and optimum air pressure in tyres which among are several other extremely essential safety measures.

Before heading for journeys especially long ones, it is imperative for you to check the air pressure in tyres of your car. On highways, you drive comparatively at a faster speed and if air pressure is more or less than recommended, you may have a blowout of your tyre.

An overinflated tyre is known to reduce the life of tyre as it wears rapidly in the center of tread which may require tyre replacement sooner than its actual life.

Overinflation also reduces cushioning effect of tyres that may cause vehicles to bounce more than normal and travelers may feel more jerks and discomfort.

Increased tyre pressure makes vehicles more susceptible to impacts and reduction in road grip of tyre and you may have less responsive steering control affecting vehicle stability.

Same way, if tyre is underinflated, low pressure in tyres will increase fuel consumption that increase the traveling cost.

In addition, tyres with low pressure wear rapidly around the outer edges of the tread and may also affect the braking system of your vehicle. When optimum tyre pressure is not maintained, vehicles tend to emit more CO2 which can adversely affect the environment.

Since improper tyre inflation may lead to a rapid and irregular wearing of tyre due to internal and external tyre damage, it may lead to an unexpected tyre failure and may also cause serious injury to the driver, co-passengers, and others.

What should be done to ensure optimum tyre pressure?

It is advisable for the car owners and drivers to ensure proper and optimum tyre pressure as recommended by the car manufacturer.

For maintaining tyre pressure, you must check the pressure of all your tyres, including the spare one on regular basis as most tyre tend to lose some air, estimated to 1PSI (Per Square Inch) per month, despite no damage to the tyres or wheels Sydney.

It is therefore prudent to check the tyre air pressure besides any malfunctioning of the valve, valve cap, or wheel, at least once a month

Preferably, the car tyre should not be too hot while filling the air in it.  Nowadays, people have started filling compressed air mixed with 79% Nitrogen in tyres.

Nitrogen when mixed in compressed air, replaces Oxygen present in the air, as a result, little air is left for escape from the tyre which helps retain optimum tyre inflation pressure longer.

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