The most popular cars in California don’t differ terribly much from the most popular cars nationwide. Generally speaking, the ability of car companies to roll out their cars nationwide, with the necessary marketing to see them sell well, has ensured that the biggest car brands have found a ready market everywhere in the country. America’s love of the automobile is a national, before a state, phenomenon and the best cars tend to sell well everywhere. That said, Californians have a tendency to see their state – an economic powerhouse and a cultural center with a distinct character – as being rather exceptional, and this is well reflected in how a Californian list differs from the national average.

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But what are the Californian favorites, and how does the Californian attitude to cars differ from the broader American stereotype of pickup trucks, gas-guzzlers, and muscle cars?

In Line with America

At first glance, it might seem that the answer to this question is it doesn’t. At least 60% of the Californian top ten most popular cars reflect the nationwide top ten. In fact, such a similarity is only to be expected. The life of the motorist in California shares many similarities with the conditions in America as a whole.

Or it might be more accurate to say that urban driving in California doesn’t differ too much from America as a whole. As is well known, America’s cities prioritize the automobile, and most urban dwellers will prefer using a car for even short trips across town. And yet, wide roads and the large inter-city distances encourages the use of large, practical family vehicles.

In this sense, California isn’t too different. And it shares the following cars with the nationwide top ten:

  • Toyota Camry (the number one car in California and America as a whole)
  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Honda Accord
  • Nissan Altima
  • Hyundai

As you might notice, every one of these cars is Japanese-made, with that country’s relationship for large practical vehicles finding appreciation in California and the rest of the country alike.

Californians do it Differently

There is one way in which California differs considerable from the rest of the country – they prefer fuel-efficient and otherwise “clean” cars. This makes a lot of sense as Californians consume more gas than the rest of country – and it’s expensive too. For this reason, more environmentally friendly cars such as the Toyota Prius are particularly popular here. This also reflects the more environmentally conscious and liberal character of the state.

Other motoring related costs such as sales tax and repair costs are also particularly high in California, which only serves to further drive this trend.

In conclusion, we might say that Californians are Americans at heart when it comes to their relationship with the automobile, but they are perhaps more careful car buyers, always keen to keep costs low.